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Watch Casper and Friends online: Episode 2 Buzzy and Katnip - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Buzzy the Crow tries to cure Katnip's baldness. Katnip is having a wonderful dream: a pretty girl cat just adores him. When he wakes up and finds that he's bald, he almost goes into shock. He reads a book which says: "A pomade made/From a fresh caught crow/Rubbed on the scalp/Will make hair grow." Buzzy's happy tree home is nearby. He catches Buzzy. Buzzy sets right to work to save himself, and he convinces Katnip that he has ways of growing hair back. Here begins a torture of the poor cat by Buzzy: he first uses glue and fuzz from the sofa, then mud and grass seed, and finally a power sander, benzine, a flame thrower and, for good measure, an egg. Finally, Katnip is about to kill Buzzy, but the crow solves the problem (without the cat's knowledge) by shaving off his tail and making a toupee.

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