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Watch Casper and Friends online: Episode 27 Noveltoons - Stork Raving Mad

A far-fetched tale about a baby who doesn't want to be delivered and a stork who goes a little goofy in the process. The stork has a rush delivery, but the baby isn't ready to settle down yet. During the flight, the baby has thoughts of having to take castor oil. He escapes and visits an ice cream parlor. He runs up a bill, which the stork has to pay. The baby then stops off at the World Series, where he starts a fight (by rooting for the wrong team); the stork is forced to finish it and gets beaten up. Then it's off to the amusement park, where the stork hangs on to a roller coaster to keep up with the little tyke. Upon final delivery, the stork is told that the parents had ordered twins who were just alike...

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