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Watch Casper and Friends online: Episode 19 Noveltoons - Houndabout

Tired of living a dog's life (his doghouse is flooded), Julius the dog leaves home and decides to be human for a while. The canine steals a new suit of clothes and buys a cigar so that he'll look like a human. Masquerading as a gentleman around town, he runs into the horrors of gambling, gangsters and French restaurants. He catches a fly ball and wins a free ticket to the baseball game. In the bleachers, he sits between two fans who are cheering for opposite teams. After a big fight, he gets thrown out. He goes to a French restaurant and is thrown out again. He finds a nickel and plays a slot machine, which hits the jackpot. He bets on the horses and wins again (100-1). He returns home to a big bowl of dog food.

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