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Watch Fighter Pilot (1981) online

Where to watch Fighter Pilot (1981)
The BBC cameras follow an ever diminishing band of students through 3 years of training and selection.

The story begins with 31 officer candidates at the Biggin Hill recruitment centre May 1978.

The series shocked the RAF by showing a young officer at home living on baked beans.

Fighter Pilot was a hit with the viewers, but those in charge were outraged and in the fall-out prohibited officers from living off-barracks for several years.

The programme acquired mythical stature within the RAF, leaving a deep-seated distrust of television, especially as colleagues of the pilots featured 25 years ago are now in charge, and remember the spat with the BBC clearly.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
    Episode 1: Dreams  
    Episode 5: Chopped  
    Episode 7: Wings  
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