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Gordons love of sharks leads him on his most personal mission yet, to investigate the controversial dish shark fin soup in his latest TV programme, Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait, part of Channel 4s Big Fish Fight season.

With an estimated 100 million sharks being killed worldwide and a third of the worlds open ocean shark species being driven to extinction by overfishing, Gordon aims to find out if the slaughter is really necessary. He confronts the horrific fate of these beautiful and majestic creatures and is told their decline is irrevocably damaging the delicate balance of our oceans food chain. To understand more about the kings of the ocean, Gordon also plunges in to swim with the deadly bull shark in his scariest challenge to date.

Gordons fascinating journey leads him to campaign against the brutal and destructive shark fishing industry.

Genre: Documentary, Reality, Special Interest
Season 1
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