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What is The Library Thief about?
John is a librarian at the National Library, and he finds an opportunity to solve his difficult financial situation. He begins stealing precious books from the Library's collections which he then sells. A decision that will eventually be terrible consequences. Gustaf Skarsgard plays the lead which is inspired by a true story. John is an ambitious and talented scientists in the literary department at Stockholm University. Unlike his colleagues, he has grown up under poor circumstances. John has been a constant nagging feeling of being unfairly treated because of his background and when he applies for a post at the Royal Library of changing his last name. This is the first step in a transformation from the little lost researcher to an urbane social climbers and bookthief.

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of The Library Thief

    Episode 1: Part 1  
    Episode 2: Part 2  
    Episode 3: Part 3  
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