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Watch Rio Rainbow Gate online: Episode 6 Roll Ruler

Howard informs Rio, Rina and the others that Cartia had challenged Rio to a Gate Battle against someone named Jack with Howard Resort on the line. Mint asks Linda to draw the culprit who manipulated her data, which leads her to suspect Carlos Tanaka, an Afro samurai with terrible luck, as the culprit. Meanwhile, Rio, who has been getting a lot of silent calls lately, is shocked to find Misery's portrait in her room. As Mint follows Carlos, her bear almost falls off the resort but is rescued by a boy with telekinetic powers who is revealed to be Rio's opponent, Jack Mighty. Jack challenges Rio to a game of Space Pinball for the Gate. Before the match, Mint talks with Jack, who reveals he used to be in a bomb disposal family before he was taken in by Cartia, who just wants to use him for his powers, saying he'll be free if he wins against Rio. During the match, Jack gets the advantage due to his powers but is soon overwhelmed when holographic sharks appear. Rio helps him escape the sharks, but he attacks her ship. However, Rio exits her ship and gets her own back to take the lead and win the match. However, when Carlos accidentally knocks Linda's head off, it activates a more dangerous phase which puts Mint in danger, so Rio and Jack work together to help her and stop the malfunction.

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