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Watch Embarrassing Bodies Kids online: Episode 2 Alopecia

This week a whole new queue of kids is forming at the clinics doors. 13 year old Lauren is the first to visit Dr Pixie. Lauren has been suffering from alopecia since the age of two, and its steadily getting worse since starting secondary school Lauren has lost 70% of her hair and is forced to wear a wig. Alopecia is an auto-immune disease, the body doesnt think the hair belongs to it, so it rejects it. Lauren has Alopecia Areata, which affects children and young adults. Why is unknown, but possible causes are viruses, inoculations, shock or extreme stress. As the longer the problem has persisted, the harder it is to find a cure, Dr Pixie suggests that Lauren has a permanent wig fitted. Lauren visits Lucas Sojka, a hair loss specialist. His team attaches a mesh, called a weft, to Laurens existing hair, and secures it to the bald patches with surgical tape. Panels of real hair are then sewn on to the weft to form a seamless head of hair. The transformation is drastic, Laurens mum describes her as a different person.

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