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What is Two In The Top End about?
Internationally acclaimed explorer and environmentalist, Tim Flannery and satirist John Doyle (Roy & HG) from the ABC??s TWO MEN IN A TINNIE series are on the search for characters and stories in the Top End. As climate change shifts the national focus northward the two men examine the colourful past, present and future of the Deep North in their inimitable style. Stories of gold, uranium and vast beer consumption come alive as John and Tim loosely follow the Savannah Highway from east to west. It??s a journey through cattle country, ancient fossil fields, rugged savannah and massive irrigation schemes. Along the way they meet both the latest wave of people to seek their future in the north and the indigenous Australians who were the first to settle its vast expanse. John and Tim not only explore the mystique of the Top End, but attempt to understand its future in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Two In The Top End

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