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Award winning comedienne Katy Brand is on a mission to persuade some of the biggest international popstars to write, record and perform alongside her in a spoof music video of their greatest hits.

Each episode sees Katy 'Big Ass' Brand hanging out with different a musical superstar as she delves into their personality to discover what makes them tick putting their sense of humour to the test as she transforms herself into their likeness to perform a cheeky skit of their platinum selling songs.

From festivals to photo shoots and rehearsal rooms to recording studios, she fearlessly follows the artists with her no-holds-barred approach to questioning; all the while collecting their quirks and foibles as key ingredients for a perfect pardody.

Katy Brand vs gives the viewers the chance to see acts including Shakira, The Sugababes, The Wanted, Sean Kingston, Mr Hudson and The Hoosiers but as you have never seen them before!

Genre: Comedy
Season 1
    Episode 3: Shakira  
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