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It has been called the third great revolution of 20th-century physics, after relativity and quantum theory.

But how can something called chaos theory help you understand an orderly world? What practical things might it be good for? What, in fact, is chaos theory?

"Chaos theory," according to Dr. Steven Strogatz, Director of the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, "is the science of how things change." It describes the behavior of any system whose state evolves over time and whose behavior is sensitive to small changes in its initial conditions.

The 24 lectures of Chaos take you to the heart of chaos theory as it is understood today. Taught by Professor Strogatz, an award-winning Ivy League professor and a scientist described by Nature magazine as "one of the most creative biomathematicians of the past few decades," Chaos introduces you to a fascinating discipline that has more to do with your everyday life than you may realize.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
    Episode : Pilot  
    Episode : Mole  
    Episode : Mincemeat  
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