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What is A Chinese Ghost Story about?
The story starts when as a fulfillment of a prophecy, the tragic lovers of seven lifetimes were reborn. According to this prophecy, their energy will be used by the Dark Kingdom to command the entire world. Fearing this, the Xuan-Xin sect tried to kill the babies but Dark Moon (Queen of the Dark Kingdom) was able to snatch the tragic lovers of seven lifetimes while Yan Chi Xia and his wife did not kill the remaining baby but returned him to his mother. (What we do not know is that there were three babies born that night, a girl and two boys but it shall be revealed as the plot progresses) Because they had defied the order, Yan Chi Xia and his wife decided to live peacefully in the mountains. Twenty years later, a fox spirit, Nie Xiao Qian met a struggling student, Ning Cai Chen. I do not need to go into details but as many of you would guess it, it's a boy-meets-girl-love at first sight-thing. With their loyal friends, Hong Ye and Liu Yun they managed to be together despite the odds that came their way. They were tagged as the tragic lovers of seven lifetimes but surprisingly, it turned out that it wasn't them or at least the other half of the tragic lovers of seven lifetimes was not Ning Cai Chen. It turned out that the other half was Nie Xiao Qian's sort-of-brother and the young emperor of Dark Kingdom, Qi Ye.

Season 1 of A Chinese Ghost Story

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