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In the series, Sasami Kawai is a cute young Japanese girl who is asked by magical queen-to-be Tsunami of Juraihelm to become Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, a champion of justice. She is constantly harassed by Pixy Misa , an evil magical girl created by a rival candidate for queen of the magical world, Ramia. Sasami is unaware that Pixy Misa is actually her best friend, Misao Amano, who herself is unaware of the transformation forced on her via hypnosis by Ramia's brother, Rumiya. Collectively, the various Pretty Sammy vehicles spoof the magical girl (mah? sh?jo) genre of anime (particularly Sailor Moon, with the "bish?jo senshi"/"champion of justice" theme), using the characters from AIC's popular Tenchi Muyo! series (where Sasami is known as Sasami Masaki Jurai). Ryo-Ohki is Pretty Sammy's assistant.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Season 1
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