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What is The Old Curiosity Shop about?
The Old Curiosity Shop is a novel by Charles Dickens. The plot follows the life of Nell Trent and her grandfather, both residents of The Old Curiosity Shop in London. It is the story of Nell Trent, a beautiful and virtuous young girl of 'not quite fourteen.' An orphan, she lives with her maternal grandfather in his shop of odds and ends. Her grandfather loves her dearly, and Nell does not complain, but she lives a lonely existence with almost no friends her own age.

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series

Season 1 of The Old Curiosity Shop

    Episode 1: 1  
    Episode 2: 2  
    Episode 3: 3  
    Episode 4: 4  
    Episode 5: 5  
    Episode 6: 6  
    Episode 7: 7  
    Episode 8: 8  
    Episode 9: 9  
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