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Just two brothers making a podcast. Brett is the guy in front of the camera and Jedd is the guy behind it. We both research and write the show.

Genre: Special Interest
Season 1
    Episode 1: Botox  
    Episode 3: TXT-ing  
    Episode 9: EDRs  
    Episode 16: Opera  
    Episode 18: Fees  
    Episode 19: Netflix  
    Episode 23: NAFTA  
    Episode 30: Tragedy  
    Episode 33: Candy  
    Episode 42: Stains  
    Episode 44: Tipping  
Season 2
    Episode 2: Alarms  
    Episode 4: BCC Me  
    Episode 5: SMores  
    Episode 67: QWERTY  
    Episode 76: Hiccups  
    Episode 85: Racism  
    Episode 89: Cram It  
    Episode 91: Apathy  
    Episode 116: Bees  
    Episode 121: SPAM  
    Episode 127: Autism  
    Episode 129: Irony  
    Episode 148: Women  
    Episode 154: IMS  
    Episode 157: ICE  
Season 3
Season 4
    Episode 5: Linux  
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