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What is Once Upon A Hamster about?
There is a place called "The Riverbank" where Hammy Hamster and his friends Martha Mouse and GP the guinnea pig live. Here, you'll find a sparkling River, a lovely forest, and many mysterious places. It's a terrific place to have adventures....especially for a Hamster with a lot of friends to share them with. There's something wonderful happening along The Riverbank all the time -- riding around in GP's car, soaring above the clouds in a balloon, zooming through the sky in an aeroplane or diving under the water in Hammy's Diving Bell...there's never a dull moment as each story unfolds.

Genre: Children

Season 4 of Once Upon A Hamster

    Episode 1: Arrival  
    Episode 3: Mist  
    Episode 6: Acorns  
    Episode 10: Bubbles  
    Episode 19: Popcorn  
    Episode 23: Fore!  
    Episode 25: Autumn  
    Episode 37: Corkers  
    Episode 41: Dig  
    Episode 50: Boros  
    Episode 51: Circus  
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