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our ship a daily glance to stars is a series of 150 videos in Catalan on Astronomy and Space exploration.

This site is the companion web of the series (version 2.0). It allows to watch and read (in English and in other languages through the attached Google Translator) all chapters, and navigate through them according to several criteria. It invites to make a daily glance to the stars, like the series, and offers several resources for the initiation to Astronomy and Space.

nostra nau describes the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the planets, the stars, the constellations, the galaxies visualised through images coming from observation and computer animations specially produced according to the astronomical and scientific models. Each video -with musical background by a different author each day- invites to the discovery and the enjoyment of the Universe; the set of all videos constitutes an assorted introduction to Astronomy.

The series was daily broadcasted through the K3/33 channel of Television of Catalonia from October 2001 to June 2002 and from October 2002 to May 2003.

On February 2004, with the collaboration of the Education Department of the Government of Catalonia, it was published a box of 3 DVD with the whole series in quality video, totaling more than 10 hours of astronomical knowledge atractively exposed for all audiences.

The series is a coproduction by Televisi de Catalunya, S.A. and BNC Produccions, S.L. with the participation of Agrupaci Astronmica de Sabadell. The audiovisual direction is by Xavier Berenguer and the scientific direction by Josep M. Oliver.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
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