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Where to watch 5th Dimension - Secrets of the Supernatural
Does life end in death? Or does the soul wander from body to body? Are there such things as demons, ghosts or the devil? Following circumstantial research and in cooperation with top-calibre scholars, this series sheds light upon, unmasks and takes the magic from centuries-old superstition and also reports on breathtaking, super sensory experiences. It also shows if, and where, things that cannot be explained really do exist? The journey in search of the Supernatural leads to all six continents, to such fascinating spots as the holy Tibetan city, Lhasa and to the great universities of the world; to the secret archives of the CIA and the KGB, the Vatican, and to the most modern centres of nuclear research in the world. The result is a thrilling combination of contemporary history, scientific background reporting, and a touch of the pleasant shiver within the dark side of parapsychology.
Season 1
    Episode 1: Exorcism  
    Episode 2: Ghosts  
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