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Watch Predator CSI online: Episode 5 Killer Whale Attack

Mothers Day, 2004 and boat-skipper Heidi Tiura, is boarding her excited whale-watching passengers for an excursion on Monterey Bay, California. How were they to know that they were shortly to become reluctant witnesses to an unexpected and shocking scene of carnage a heavyweight battle between thirty-five tons of maternal instinct and a highly organized group of killers? What they find is a huge Gray Whale and her calf locked in mortal combat with a super-aggressive pod of smaller orca (or killer) whales. Nature-loving families look on with horror as a titanic struggle unfolds before them. For three hours the unrelenting orcas repeatedly ram the mother gray whale while attempting to drown her calf. It was the day the sea turned red. But this was just the first of other similar attacks in Monterey Bay that Spring. What had happened to these killer whales? As the shock waves from the mothers day assault reverberate, local and national media pick up the story. Using actual video footage from eyewitnesses, Whale Attack recounts this rarely seen assault that changed our understanding of the secrets that lie beneath the waves.

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