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Watch Predator CSI online: Episode 4 Revenge of the Elephants?

The psychological effects of war are no longer considered just a human condition. Africa is cultivating gangs of juvenile delinquents, wreaking havoc in the wild. African elephants are becoming edgy 30 years of poaching and conservation management is beginning to backfire, resulting in abnormal violent behavior. In Kenya, elephants are targeting and killing the Maasai tribes cattle. In South Africa, 36 rhinos are killed in a single park over a period of two years. And in Western Uganda a village is being subjected to indiscriminate and violent attacks by local elephants - where, previously they had roamed peacefully. What is provoking Africas gentle giant to these violent outbursts? A group of scientists help to solve this unusual psychological mystery. As they go over individual elephant case histories, a picture builds. Here is an animal with extraordinary parallels to us; similar lifespan, childhood development, and complex functions of thought and feeling. If we accept that elephants are emotional, could they also have emotional problems? Armed with an understanding of their natural family history, we look at the way some conservationists have managed elephants in the last 30 years - sometimes wiping out entire older age structures. Has our meddling caused this violent behavior? Some scientists have recently labeled elephants with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We talk to neurologists and psychiatrists to explore the science of stress and ask can we really compare elephants with people? We visit an elephant orphanage and ask - how would you treat an elephant with psychological damage, and more importantly what if we cant?

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