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Watch B Gata H Kei online: Episode 11 Year 2 Class H's Christmas Eve. Take me to the bed. / Kanejo is watching!?

It's Christmas time again, and Kyouka invites everyone in the class to her family's grand Christmas party. Keiichi tells Kyouka to invite Kosuda over as well, much to her shock. Yamada has no interest in it at first, but gets lured in because of this "Secret Room" Misato is talking about. Kyouka has difficulty inviting her enemy Yamada, but it was solved when the latter demanded an invitation from her. The class, including their teachers, while awed by the party's grandness, finds it difficult to mingle with the rich people Kyouka also invited--save for Takeshita, who draws attention; and Misato, who lunges for Keiichi at will. Kyouka hears of this "Secret Room" thing from Misato, and she begins to suspect it could be her secret "Brother Room." Kyouka's panic arouses Keiichi's attention, so, as a result, she tells Yamada and Kosuda to get going, although letting her go seems to be a mistake. Meanwhile, Yamada and Kosuda break into a proper room and, albeit nervous, tries to seize the opportunity. Kyouka was shocked to know, through surveillance camera, that they entered HER room and "are trying to do it." Kyouka wants to stop them, but, in curiosity, has it recorded. A suspicious Kosuda draws the curtains around the bed, forcing Kyouka to go there by herself, even taking Takeshita along with her as a witness. Things are somewhat smooth sailing for Yamada and Kosuda until Kyouka's entry interrupts them. They were able to hide in the closet before Takeshita parts the curtains for her. The freaked-out Yamada and Kosuda's troubles, not to mention discovering that they are in Kyouka's room, are not yet over, as, after Yamada stupidly gives their position away by meowing, Kyouka is about to search her closet. But before catching the two red-handed, she hears the doors to the Brother Room open, and sees Miyano coming out of it; enabling Yamada and Kosuda to escape. As Kyouka recovers from fainting in her room, Miyano asks her how she made the Brother Room (because she wants one for Kosuda). Since theres still unfinished business, Yamada asks Kosuda for a Christmas date, which he accepts. She asks him, though, to slow down. The aftermath of the party for the rest of the class is a zero; with Misato scoring a summons for faking a marriage contract.

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