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Watch B Gata H Kei online: Episode 9 No! Everyone is Looking... Autumn: I Never Said I Didn't Like You... / Risk Everything at the Athletic Meet! Autumn: Just Do Whatever You Want...

As both Kosuda and Yamada are still reeling from what happened in Kyoto, a (not-so-) secret popularity contest among the boys (which results in a tie between Yamada and Kyouka) enables Kosuda to finally confess to Yamada in public. They were the talk of the town for a few days, and a real shocker for both Kyouka and Miyano. Yamada was pissed off with what Kosuda did, though she is secretly pleased with it. Only when both Yamada and Kosuda were appointed to the athletic meet committee were they able to talk and apologize to each other, nervousness and all, and despite Kosuda's denseness making Yamada angry. Yamada told Takeshita the news, but she only apologized in order to get laid, but Takeshita could see that she is in love with Kosuda. She is just running away because "she does not understand love at all, since she expected it to be fun." Kyouka, on the other hand, is boiling mad because, counting their School Festival beauty contest, Yamada beats her for the second time. On the day of the athletic meet, Yamada tries to dodge Kosuda, because she doesn't know how to face him. He is unavoidable, though, since he is the official photographer. Kosuda feels down because of this, but Matsuo-senpai came to encourage him by relaying what his girlfriend Miharu (Takeshita) is telling him about Yamada. As for Kyouka, she is at edge with Yamada, but she is keeping calm because her brother will be coming to see her. She loses her cool when they erupt on boyfriend issues, sparking an outright war during the juniors' shoulder war, despite them belonging to the same team. Meanwhile, a mysterious guy is taking pictures of that impromptu war. The guy is none other than Keiichi, Kyouka's brother and secret love interest. Much to Kyouka's horror, this instant darling-of-the-crowd of a young man has taken an interest in Yamada. Kosuda is worried, too: here's a handsome guy with a high-tech digital camera hitting effortlessly on Yamada. However, Yamada wants none of Keiichi, making Kyouka angrier for "humiliating her brother in front of a crowd." Later, somehow, Kosuda manages to score a date with Yamada, who ran to the storage room to hide from him. Now that Kosuda has asked her out for a date, she stops running away and happily resumes her cheerleader duties.

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