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They're some of the most shocking deaths in pop culture history. Michael Jackson. Tupac Shakur. Anna Nicole Smith.

But news accounts only tell part of the story. Behind the headlines, the intimate details of the crime scene are known only to the witnesses and investigators who were there. Only they can answer the ultimate question: What really happened?

Famous Crime Scene puts viewers right in the middle of the most sensational and controversial celebrity deaths ever. Some of the cases may not have been deemed criminal in the end, but all of the crime scenes had to be handled with that possibility in mind. We'll follow the story from the initial 911 call to the investigators' final determination.

With expert interviews, true-to-life reenactments and advanced computer graphics, viewers will witness full recreations of these historic deaths. They'll tour virtual crime scenes searching for clues and learn the science behind the investigators' findings: ballistics, fingerprints, DNA evidence, toxicology, blood-spray patterns, profiling and more.

Even better, witnesses and investigators themselves will relate their specific memories of each case, how they personally experienced the event. Viewers will learn fascinating details from people who have made attention to detail their life's work. They'll find out things no one never knew about these cases, despite the heavy media coverage of them.

You may think you know everything about these famous deaths. You certainly know how these cases turned out, or at least the prevailing theory. But you've never seen this side of the story.

Genre: Documentary
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 5: Selena  
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