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This series of documentaries is dedicated to discovering the magnificent scenery of mainland France and its territories throughout the world. These regions are remarkable for their natural wealth and beauty, and for the man made structures that have been established to protect them. Reserves, national parks, mangroves, islands, marshlands and coral reefs are all examples of how man and nature have carved out and shaped these jewels of nature.

In the company of scientists, nature lovers and guardians of these sites, all of whom are involved in the study and the protection of an enchanting yet fragile flora and fauna, this series will take you to rare and precious French land and seascapes where man can still find himself in total harmony with nature.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
    Episode 1: Greece  
    Episode 2: Guyana  
    Episode 3: Italy  
    Episode 7: Norway  
    Episode 8: Poland  
    Episode 9: Sardinia  
    Episode 10: Spain  
    Episode 12: Turkey  
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