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What is Angry Kid about?
Angry Kid is a series of stop motion animations from Darren Walsh at Aardman Animations, depicting the mini-adventures of a 15 year old brat with an attitude problem. Most of the episodes contain adult content.

Genre: Animation, Comedy


Season 1 of Angry Kid

    Episode 1: Car Sick  
    Episode 2: Bored  
    Episode 3: Goalie  
    Episode 6: Road Hog  
    Episode 7: Stinky  
    Episode 11: Bone  
    Episode 16: Chips  
    Episode 21: Wee Wee  
    Episode 22: Speed  
    Episode 23: Sneeze  
    Episode 24: Horror  
    Episode 25: Kidnap  

Season 2 of Angry Kid

    Episode 1: Wanker  
    Episode 2: Catapult  
    Episode 3: I Spy  
    Episode 4: Sex Call  
    Episode 8: Puerile  
    Episode 9: Curious  
    Episode 12: Piss  
    Episode 13: Swollen  
    Episode 15: Cake  
    Episode 17: Dustbin  
    Episode 18: Doll  
    Episode 19: Sofa  
    Episode 20: Snail  
    Episode 24: Birdy  
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