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Thirty lads face an almighty battle to turn their lives around with a dose of 1950s National Service training.

These bad lads have clocked up an array of offences including drink driving, common assault and breaking and entering. Their lives have gone off the rails and their criminal way of life is costing the taxpayer a fortune.

Could National Service provide the answer? Bad Lads Army fearsome corporals Joe Murray and Richard Nooky Nauyokas believe it can. Tasked with turning round these 18 to 24-year-olds who have thieves, robbers, drug dealers and fraudsters in their midst, they believe that a hefty dose of Army discipline will sort them out. But how many will last the course?
Season 1
    Episode 1: 1  
    Episode 2: 2  
    Episode 3: 3  
    Episode 4: 4  
    Episode 5: 5  
    Episode 6: 6  
    Episode 7: 7  
    Episode 8: 8  
    Episode 9: 9  
    Episode 10: 10  
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