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star Amanda Holden steps outside her career as an actress and judge on the UKs biggest variety show to experience the very different lives of a Parisian showgirl, country singer, and stuntwoman.

Each episode sees Amanda plunge herself into a different fantasy life as she sets out to uncover the hard work, day to day reality and grit that lies beneath the glamorous public face of each role.

Will Amanda be able to cut it as a singer in Nashville, in the heart of Hollywoods action movie industry, or, for her first challenge, as a high-kicking showgirl in Paris?

Twelve days after arriving in the French capital, Amanda will perform on stage with the Bluebells dance troupe. Faced with four routines, four costume changes and a ride on an animatronic elephant, Amanda looks at the picture of Simon Cowell on her mirror and says: "I hope to God this man isnt watching!"

Genre: Documentary, Reality, Special Interest
Season 1
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