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Television's most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style.

This in-depth approach has earned the program and its teams numerous awards including three Peabodys, 17 Emmys and five RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Awards.

The program was revamped in 2002 when Lesley Stahl took over hosting duties from Dan Rather, and its name was changed to 48 Hours Investigates. The name was changed again to 48 Hours Mystery in 2004, and with its single-topic format, it does not use a single host but is narrated by the reporter assigned to the story.

The current format of the documentary primarily deals with real life mysteries and crime stories, again with just one mystery per episode, owing to its single topic per show heritage.
The program is not confined to reporting mysteries; CBS often uses the 48 Hours title or timeslot to present special reports on events, such as a 2006 report on the fifth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, or coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007. However, the relationship between these special programs and the rest of the series is essentially limited to the program's title.

Genre: News
Season 10
    Episode : Revenge  
    Episode : Making It  
    Episode : Afterlife  
Season 11
    Episode : Cry Rape  
    Episode : Binge  
    Episode : Obsessed  
    Episode : Missing  
    Episode : Courage  
Season 12
    Episode : Miracles  
    Episode : Panic  
    Episode : Bad Girls  
    Episode : Accused  
    Episode : Fame  
    Episode : Tornado  
Season 13
    Episode : Gold Rush  
    Episode : Rage  
    Episode : Ecstasy  
Season 14
    Episode : Teen Idol  
    Episode : Perfect  
    Episode : Legends  
    Episode : Jackpot!  
Season 15
    Episode : Scammed!  
    Episode : Rich Kids  
    Episode : Baby Hope  
    Episode : Cry Rape  
Season 16
    Episode : Trapped  
Season 17
    Episode : Vanished  
    Episode : Hostage  
Season 18
    Episode : Love Lost  
Season 19
    Episode : Exposed  
    Episode : Endgame  
Season 20
    Episode : Betrayal  
Season 21
    Episode : Toxic  
Season 22
    Episode : Haunted  
    Episode 21: Toxic  
Season 23
    Episode 5: Haunted  
Season 24
    Episode :   
    Episode : Ransom  
    Episode 14: Toxic  
Season 25
    Episode : Ambushed  
    Episode : Caught  
Season 26
    Episode : A Bad Bet  
Season 27
    Episode : The Hit  
    Episode : The Pact  
    Episode : Ultimatum  
    Episode : Gone  
Season 28
Season 29
    Episode : Bad Boy  
    Episode : Hunted  
    Episode : TBA  
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