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What is Lost Chronology about?
Lost Chronology is the story of the crash of Oceanic flight 815. From the first day on the Island until day 108 when our beloved Oceanic Six were found. The story is told in chronological order from day 1 until day 108, simultaneously telling the story from all viewpoints of the major groups of people on the Island. The story of the Fuselage survivors, Tail section survivors, and The Others all unfold together in chronological order to tell the complete story of the Oceanic survivor's time on the Island.

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction

    Episode :   

Season 1 of Lost Chronology

    Episode 1: Crash  
    Episode 7: The Moth  
    Episode 9: Solitary  
    Episode 13: Special  
    Episode 17: Numbers  

Season 2 of Lost Chronology

    Episode 7: The Line  
    Episode 13: Dave  
    Episode 14: S.O.S.  
    Episode 16: Pearl  

Season 3 of Lost Chronology

    Episode 7: Enter 77  
    Episode 9: Exodus  
    Episode 11: Trust  
    Episode 22: Orchid  

Season 4 of Lost Chronology

    Episode 1: Genesis  
    Episode 2: Oldham  
    Episode 7: Temple  
    Episode 9: Recon  
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