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Elmo's World" is a segment of the children's television show Sesame Street featuring Elmo, a small red monster.

The segment takes place in a computer animated marker-drawn room imagined by Elmo. Each day, there are a series of skits and interviews Elmo then reveals the answer by opening his door in his room. The show also features Mr. Noodle, a human mime character, and Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy.
Season 30
    Episode 3786: Balls  
    Episode 3791: Shoes  
    Episode 3798: Hats  
    Episode 3816: Food  
    Episode 3822: Books  
    Episode 3826: Music  
    Episode 3831: Water  
Season 31
    Episode 3852: Dogs  
    Episode 3879: Farms  
    Episode 3890: Hair  
Season 32
    Episode 3917: Bugs  
    Episode 3918: Pets  
    Episode 3919: Teeth  
    Episode 3925: Hands  
    Episode 3945: Birds  
    Episode 3967: Games  
Season 33
    Episode 3981: Fish  
    Episode 3982: Sky  
    Episode 3983: Sleep  
Season 34
    Episode 4031: Mail  
    Episode 4032: Ears  
Season 35
    Episode 4062: Feet  
    Episode 4077: Bells  
Season 36
    Episode 4095: Cats  
    Episode 4096: Skin  
Season 37
Season 38
    Episode 4143: Noses  
Season 39
    Episode 4161: Drums  
    Episode 4180: Eyes  
Season 40
    Episode 4187: Frogs  
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