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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 7 Thank Your Lucky Stars

While Bill, Ben and Jenny await news of David from the doctor, Rona is waiting at a bus stop to get to her wedding. At the hospital, Bill blames herself for not listening to David when he complained of being ill, and compares herself to an incompetent mother who wears a shell suit and appears on the local news when their child has died after playing on train tracks, ignorant as to why he would be dead. Jenny professes her guilt for not checking up on him when she was more concerned with a spot. Ben, however, feels David's situation is not his fault. On the bus, Rona is sat next to a talkative old lady whose conversation is convincing Rona to back out of the wedding. While David lies in a coma, Angelo the biker appears to him in a dream, and tells him that he has to make the decision to live or die. David tells Angelo that he feels unwanted and unloved by his family, and is not sure whether to continue living. When Rona arrives at the church, she sees her side of the seating is filled with her boyfriends, and at the last minute runs out on her groom. In David's hospital room, Ben begins talking to the unconscious David, explaining that he loves him and the family want him back. David suddenly awakes, and throws up over Ben.

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