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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 6 Bird on a Wire

Rona gets ready for her shotgun wedding to Gordon, and the Porters' house is in chaos as Bill prepares the food. David keeps complaining that he feels sick and wants to stay at home, and Ben decides to escape the house and hide out in the car as he is constantly getting in the way. David joins him, and asks his father about sex and love, but Ben does not have an answer. Bill finds David's dead badger in the kitchen and realises she has decorated the mini trifles with David's fake eyes. As she shouts at him, she notices a cut on his finger and sends him to the bathroom for a plaster. Bill arrives at Rona's house, but through the kitchen window sees her hanging from the light fitting in her wedding dress. Assuming she has hanged herself, Bill puts her head through the cat flap to find out what happened; Rona explains she was changing a light bulb when the ladder fell and she is now trapped. Relieved, Bill tries to crawl back through the cat flap but finds her head is stuck. With the help of a passing door-to-door salesman, Rona and Bill are set free, but back at the Porter house, Jenny discovers David is unconscious. Rona tells Bill and Ben to take David to the hospital in her wedding car, leaving Rona trying to hail a taxi. A doctor tells Bill and Ben that David is suffering from tetanus, and is in a serious condition.

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