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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 5 The Skeletons in the Cupboard

Bill finds out about Angelo's death, and Ben begins to film everyone on his camcorder, hoping to send the footage into You've Been Framed, a candid-camera television show. Feeling unfulfilled and strained by the hours she has to work at the airline meals factory, Bill decides to find another job. At home, the family are still unwilling to help with the chores, so Bill tells Jenny and David they can be in charge of the household for the night; however, Bill and Ben refuse to do what they are told, so they are sent to their bedroom without being given their tea. Bill sets off to the interview wearing the Saint Christopher that David found in the graveyard. Meanwhile, Rona agrees to go on a date with Gordon, the stripper, and her ex-fianc. Gordon takes Rona to a singles bar, where he discovers that since their break-up, Rona has been bed-hopping with many men. Bill's job interview does not go well; she finds her interviewer is naked and thinks he is a dog after suffering a nervous breakdown since being made redundant, and discovers that the job she came to interview for does not actually exist. At home, Ben is still filming Bill, hoping she will do something silly so he can send it to the television show. Under the stress of being constantly filmed, and with feelings of failure, Bill breaks down until Rona arrives and reveals she is marrying Gordon, and wants Bill to do the catering for the wedding.

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