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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 4 Hormones

Imagining himself to be the Terminator, Ben drives aggressively on the way to Parents' Evening at David's school, and cuts up a Ford Escort. Bill begins to wonder if Ben is influencing David's growing obsession with violence and death, though Ben denies it. Everyone thinks Jenny is malingering to avoid taking part in P.E. until Rona confronts her about her behaviour. Ben spots the driver of the Escort and issues a challenges to the driver, but when he finds out the driver is disabled, he feels ashamed. Bill fears she is pregnant, and buys a home pregnancy test. When she discovers one of the testers is missing, she thinks Jenny is pregnant, and Rona has to convince Jenny to confide in Bill that she is suffering from bulimia. Ben challenges the Escort driver to a race, but loses; and he reveals to Bill that he took the pregnancy test and it says he is pregnant.

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