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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 2 Bedtime for Bonzo

Bill tell Jenny that she hates her new job at the factory, and the hours are causing a strain on her well-being. Meanwhile, Ben catches the flu and Bill also has to watch the next-door neighbours' dog, Bonzo, who suffers from flatulence. When the dog becomes sick with digestive problems the Porters must decide whether to put him down or let him live in pain. Fed up with Ben, Bill gives him some of the dog's asprins but in the night he starts feeling worse and begins to vomit. David has become fascinated by death, especially after a house-fire down the street has killed some people and he wants to watch as their bodies are being brought out. Bill becomes worried when she finds his Action Man tied up in a freezer bag, and then asks for ketchup to use for "playing accidents". Ben is upset that Bill put the dog to sleep and asks if she would do the same to him, given his current situation. In the middle of the night David buries his teddy bear in a shoe-box coffin in the back garden.

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