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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 1 I'm Going Slightly Mad

Bill wakes up with Angelo in bed next to her, but when she goes downstairs to find Rona has become a nun, David is playing with a rifle, and Jenny has a punker boyfriend and a tattoo, the shock of it all wakes her up again; she was dreaming. Bored by being unemployed her only relief is the telephone calls from her mother, but when she loses track of he time, she becomes late for signing on. The car breaks down as she makes her way to her appointment, but she finds a mechanic is in the area, who starts to fix it; however, things turn disastrous for her when Anneka Rice of Challenge Anneka arrives to take the mechanic for an episode of her show, and a policeman pulls Bill over as she pushes the car through a red light. Bill finally gets to her DHSS appointment, but her advisor is a rather unstable woman who starts acting more like a client than Bill. Ben hires a new assistant, Chris, but he and Bill are alarmed to discover Chris is actually Christine, the obnoxious meat counter girl from the supermarket. Feeling bored, useless and sick of spending her time at home, Bill decides to take a job with Rona in an airline meals factory. That night, exhausted from the day's events, Bill falls asleep on the couch, while on the television the local news reports a fatal motorcycle accident; a photograph of the victim reveals him to be Angelo.

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