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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 4 Love and Marriage

Panic sets in as the Porters prepare for a not-so-welcomed visit from Bill's nightmare mother Bette, who comes bearing unwanted gifts for Jenny and David in the form of a taffeta dress and a video nasty. Bette is intolerable as she kicks Bill and Ben out of their bedroom, and at dinnertime while Bill prepares some chicken, Bette decides she cannot eat it as chicken repeats on her. Ben offers to pick up fish and chips, but she does not want that either; fried food passes straight through her. The next day, Bill returns home from work and discovers her mother in bed with an old flame, which is the reason she commandeered the master bedroom. Appalled and upset at first, they later have a heart-to-heart conversation, and Bill realises she is becoming more like her mum with age. The temptation of an affair with Angelo rears its head again, while Ben has to visit an ex-girlfriend to do some plumbing work.

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