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Watch 2 Point 4 Children *Duplicate* online: Episode 2 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Jenny is unhappy with her new trainers, and Bill is struggling to keep the house in order which is made a lot harder by the fact that the rest of her family seem unwilling to help. Her relationship with Ben is also strained as he is too tired to have sex with her; he has been falling asleep on the sofa watching snooker. Forced to do the laundry at her neighbour's house, she is confronted by Rona's latest boyfriend Sven, who is unable to speak a word of English. Although he cannot understand her, she tells him the idea of a relationship with Angelo, the biker, is growing more and more tempting. Ben arranges for the family to have Sunday dinner at his sister Tina's house but when they get there, everything turns into a disaster. Tina's misogynistic husband, Brian, takes Ben to the pub, leaving the women to stay at home to cook. Tina tells Bill she is a bad mother because she chooses to work instead of staying at home with her children, and hits David in anger when she realises he has brought his pet rat into her house. Outraged, Bill storms out of the house with David and drives home in Ben's van, but panic sets in when they realise that in their haste, they forgot that Bill does not know how to drive.

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