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What is Kabouter Wesley about?
Kabouter Wesley is a series of comics and short animated cartoons about a grumpy and violent kabouter (gnome), made by Jonas Geirnaert. Both the drawing style and the content are purposely made naive and amateuristic and the situations are surreal and violent. There is also a lot of insulting and toilet humour in the series

Genre: Animation

    Episode 3:   
    Episode 4:   
    Episode 5:   

Season 1 of Kabouter Wesley

    Episode 2: Hedgehog  
    Episode 5: Robots  
    Episode 6: Lottery  
    Episode 7: Computer  
    Episode 9: Holiday  
    Episode 10: Phone  
    Episode 12: Duck  
    Episode 17: Eyeless  
    Episode 38:   
    Episode 39:   
    Episode 40:   
    Episode 41:   
    Episode 42:   
    Episode 43:   
    Episode 44:   
    Episode 45:   
    Episode 46:   
    Episode 47:   
    Episode 48:   
    Episode 49:   
    Episode 50:   
    Episode 51:   
    Episode 52:   
    Episode 53:   
    Episode 54:   
    Episode 55:   
    Episode 56:   
    Episode 57:   
    Episode 58:   
    Episode 59:   
    Episode 60:   
    Episode 61:   
    Episode 62:   
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