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The podcast is produced in the format of a roundtable discussion between Sargent and the Gator with Rabier offering infrequent commentary. The show is peppered with parodied commercials for real-life products and businesses, sometimes narrated by cast impressions of celebrities. Each episode is structured around a specific theme and involves Sargent and the Gator's discussion of the topic, inserted with phone interviews or quizzes moderated by Sargent. Any number of the above scripted segments are also inserted, as well as a news report referred to as a check of the "High Tech Tech News Ticker." The podcast customarily ends with Sargent being pressured into telling a bizarre bedtime-style story by Joey and the Gator. Sargent's usual farewell to the audience was the same as that on Unscrewed ("We'll see you at the bar"), but following an incident in which Sargent was swept out to sea during a trip to the beach, the sign-off has been preceded with "Don't get ripped by the riptide" with a hand-clap inserted after the word "ripped."

Martin also likes giving drawing assignments to the podcast's fanbase, which he refers to as the "Infected Army," reminiscent of the "Unscrewed Army" from his previous show, as well as "User Created" off of TechTV's The Screen Savers and later Attack Of The Show. Entries from the assignments are customarily posted on Sargent's website. [3]

Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback appeared in Episode 50 of the show where he and Martin announced, in the form of a skit, that the show was in fact being canceled, but that Martin has a new show called Internet Superstar that debuted on January 30th 2008

Genre: Talk Show
Season 1
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