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Watch Trapeze online: Episode 9 Gifted Child Actor

Hiromi Yasukawa (voiced by Wataru Hatano) Hiromi is an actor (ex-child actor) who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He now only gets roles as extras, but gets kicked out off a role as a student in a drama for smiling constantly during a tense scene. In the past, he was a popular child actor who had his own television show. His agent (who Irabu is hitting on) offers him an audition to a movie that he refuses, because theres a sex scene. He's then a guest on a Japanese live TV show, where they make fun of him for his role in the School Drama where he's smiling during a serious scene, and that his role had the name "Student-A". Hiromi gets very upset and not knowing what else to do, starts smiling, this brings an awkward silence to the audience. Afterwards, Hiromi's Agent tells him that he's going to loose his contract, and her because of his behavior. Hiromi starts to smile, and has a breakdown. Back at his apartment, Hiromi is under his covers crying. Irabu tries to cheer him up, giving him a list of other things he could do instead of acting. After Hiromi refuses, Irabu gives him the sheet for the audition for the movie. Three days later, Hiromi turns up for the Audition wearing causal clothes rather than his usual child actor attire, surprising his agent. The calendar then flashes back to the day after Irabu gives him the audition sheet. Hiromi appears at Irabu's office and the two discuss the movie role. After Irabu gives him another shot, he notices that he doesn't smile when in pain, he rushes off home where he attaches pegs to his nipples. He turns up to the Audition with the pain treatment, where he meets irabu, who plans on auditioning for the part himself. During his audition, Hiromi has a moment of panic when he's reminded about his role on the school drama as Student-A. He rips his shirt off to remove the pegs that are causing him much pain. This turns out good for him, as he realizes he can make fun of himself, and not need to worry about his image. Irabu and Hiromi both don't get the part, although Hiromi is now a Successful variety show host, where he uses some of his old Hiro-chan act. Hiromi is represented as a seal.

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