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Watch Trapeze online: Episode 8 I Couldn't Sit

Yoshi Iwamura (voiced by Mitsuo Iwata) is a Newspaper/magazine journalist, who has a classic case of check Obsessive Compulsive disorder, commonly fearing he forgot to put out a cigarette, a kettle, or turn the water off. He ends up rushing back to his house to make sure he hasn't flooded or burned down his building. As a treatment, Irabu takes him to a Rival Hospital (they stole one of his patients, and are corrupt), where Irabu encourages Yoshi to throw rocks at the Hospital. Irabu points out the Hospital Directors car and suggests they loosen the tire bolts. After Irabu throws a rock, and after hesitating, Yoshi throws a rock only to break a window, they both then flee. Because of his disorder, Yoshi is moved to another magazine, this time a teen mag, popular with Girls. He is sent to investigate into a man called the "Homeless Poet" who turns out to be a fraud, and uses the article on him to lure girls. Upon finding out Yoshi gets infuriated and tracks him down, the final chase takes Yoshi running with the Homeless Poet's bag, and trying to get the hospital director to stop after worrying that Irabu has loosened the tires. He jumps infront of the car, where the homeless poet tackles him, spreading papers onto the cars windscreen, the director then crashes the car, and medical waste pours out, and upon looking at the papers that came out of the homeless poet's bag, finds out he's using his dead family records to help Illegal immigrants into Japan. Yoshi then does an article on the two Thugs and immediately becomes a famous reporter again. Irabu thanks Yoshi for exposing the corruptness of the rival hospital, and offers to let him meet Bando, Irabu tells Yoshi that his disorder did good, made him famous, and that he'd be ok if someone was home. On his way home, Yoshi finds an add for a share house. After the Injection, Yoshi is represented as a Racoon.

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