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Watch Trapeze online: Episode 7 Hedgehog

Seiji Ino (voiced by Hiroki Takahashi), is a Yakuza (more specifically: Designated Crime Syndicate - Koi Group Underground) who has an obsessive compulsive fear of edges (belonephobia), this includes; Knives, Forks, Needles, some Fish, and even Table edges. Seiji is known in the criminal world as "the wise seiji", he shows this by saving a fellow member (his brother) from a rival group through challenging Yoshiyasu's (rival group leader) to Russian Roulette. He almost looses his mind when Irabu gets Mayumi to give him a vitamin shot. His Wife who runs a bar with Seiji puts a deposit on another bar that's owned by Yoshiyasu's syndicate, this causes more friction between the two factions. Irabu suggests that Seiji try sunglasses, as his fear is mainly getting sharp objects in the eye, he tries on some Sunglasses, but eventually purchases Ski Goggles. Seiji and his brother then negotiate the protection arrangements with Kohei from the first episode, with Irabu in tow. Seiji satisfyingly pokes his ski goggles with a pen, until he notices the table's edges. He then has a panic attack and saws off each edge of the table, then has another attack from the saw he used to neutralize the table. At home, Seiji's wife tells him that she's put down the deposit on the bar, in a panic and then logical moment, he decides to meet up with Yoshiyasu at the Restorante Pero's to retrieve the Deposit. Before meeting with his rival, he stops by Irabu General Hospital where Irabu is taking a photo of his Christmas pudding to send to Yuta. Seiji asks Irabu desprately for some medication, but instead Irabu ends up coming to Pero's with Seiji, being introduced as Irabu the Quack from Hiroshima. There, Irabu observes Yoshiyasu's own Obsessive Compulsion, that he uses his knife as a security blanket. Irabu then takes the knife away and holds onto it, allowing for Seiji to open up to Yoshiyasu and retrieve the Deposit. Christmas eve, Seiji shows signs of starting to overcome his Compulsive fear of sharp edges. Seiji appears as a small dog after the Vitamin Injection.

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