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Yuta Tsuda (voiced by Miyu Irino), is a High School Student who suffers from a Mobile Phone addiction, He panics and suffers withdrawal when he is not on his phone. When Yuta gets his phone confiscated for the day, he gets a new one. Irabu starts to contact him on his phone after getting one himself, and after Yuta unsuccessfully asks Mayumi for her phone number, as she doesn't have one. After turning up to a Christmas party, Yuta starts to realize that his friends take advantage of him, and make fun of him for his mobile addiction. Yuta subsequently starts removing all his contacts out of his SIM card, when Irabu and Mayumi call from the hospital and invite him to a christmas party at Irabu's office. In this episode, Irabu mostly appears as his "big" form and shortly changes to his "little" form. This is the only episode so far where Irabu doesen't appear in his feminine "middle" form. After the Vitamin shot, Yuta turns into a pale blue woodpecker with different colloured spots.

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