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Watch Trapeze online: Episode 5 That of Father-in-Law

Tatsuro Ikeyama (voiced by Hiroaki Hirata), is a neurology lecturer who has obsessive compulsions to do inappropriate things, such as: dump a dump truck's load waiting at traffic lights, Hang and swing on chandeliers, change the channel to watch baseball while his family watches kabuki, and to remove the toupee of his father-in-law who is also a lecturer. In the latter Irabu helps Tatsuro remove his father-in-law's toupee while he is asleep "supervising" students doing exams, as well as fart in a full elevator and pin the blame on another doctor. The cause towards his compulsions is the controlled and plain lifestyle of his family life and work. After his shot, Tatsuro appears as a multi-colloured chameleon. He can change his collour to make himself invisible, leaving only his clothes.

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