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Robbie Coltrane has set himself a unique challenge to discover a side of Britain that most people never see: the countryside, the events and the people that can only be found by venturing away from the tourist fast-track and onto the narrow, winding, back roads of Britain.

His mission is to take stock of a nation, to unearth the unconventional and the traditional. Is Britains once-famous eccentricity alive and well behind the increasingly Americanised and bland veneer of modern society?

Coltrane is determined to uncover what it is that the British do, who they are and what makes them singularly British. At the wheel of a delightful, if somewhat unreliable, 1950s sports car, Coltranes beautifully authored journey is an audiovisual treat.

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Season 1
    Episode 2: Stilton  
    Episode 4:   
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    Episode 6:   
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