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After the break up of their old band, guitarist Yuki & drummer Santa decide to form a new one. They recruit bass player Towa, young guitarist Atsuro, and after much persuasion, vocalist Sakuya. Together they form Lucifer and they struggle to make it in the music business, and also to stay together. As well, they have to deal with personal issues, such as parental objections, and watching their old bands succeed ahead of them. Sakuya is the most troubled band member, as he has to deal with his tragic past, and his relationship with teenaged lyricist Aine.

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Season 1
    Episode 2: Jam  
    Episode 4: Time Up  
    Episode 6: Cradle  
    Episode 8: The End  
    Episode 16: Rival  
    Episode 19: Debut  
    Episode 20: History  
    Episode 25: Junior  
    Episode 28: Scandal  
    Episode 29: Destiny  
    Episode 31: Reborn  
    Episode 32: Loser  
    Episode 34: Actress  
    Episode 38: Mistake  
    Episode 40: Emotion  
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