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VODO is founded by Jamie King, one of the figures behind STEAL THIS
FILM ( VODO brings filmmakers together with the
distribution power of the filesharing community. It aims to offer
fresh, quality films on a free-to-share basis, promoted and
distributed through a 'coalition' of filesharing partners that
includes big names like The Pirate Bay, Mininova, Miro,
TorrentFreak,Isohunt, Plube, OneDDL Vuze and and Frostwire, amongst
many others.

'Together, the filesharing community has a distribution capacity that
rivals and even exceeds that of the mainstream media,' says Jamie
King. 'VODO aims to leverage that power for the benefit of filmmakers
and other creators. By sharing films freely through the most popular
and fastest growing filesharing sites, we're building audiences in the
hundreds of thousands for artists. That has material value for these
filmmakers, through raised profile, donations and marketing. It's a
win-win situation and it's the future of distributing media after

Followers of release groups like aXXo will be familiar with the model.
But VODO is a release group with a twist. Not only are artists
voluntarily sharing: downloaders can choose to make voluntary
donations to creators. VODO lets creators manage their own donation
links, with all donations going directly to the filmmaker. Regular
supporters of the VODO project will receive access to all the films
being considered for release.

VODO aims to release at least one film per month during the rest of
2009 and 2010. Forthcoming titles include the premiere of 'In
Guantanamo', a documentary by first-time director David Miller that
provides unprecedented access to the Guantanmo prison camps - but King
says that fiction titles, animation and shorts will also be on the
distribution list. 'During 2010 VODO will build out a series of
revenue opportunities for its creators, with the free-to-share model
at their core,' he explains.

Genre: Documentary, Special Interest
Season 1
    Episode 1: Us Now  
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