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Watch James May Documentaries online: Episode 15 James May's Toy Stories: Lego

Publicity from the programme makers called for volunteers to help with the building project. The response was overwhelming; on Saturday 1 August 2009 huge queues formed at the construction site, Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey. Some people started queuing at 4:30 am. 1,200 were given tickets to work on the project while another 1,500 people had to be turned away. Volunteers made standardised hollow blocks each made of 272 standard 8-stud Lego bricks: 12 bricks long by 6 wide and 8 bricks high. The house was completed on 17 September 2009. Overall, the construction project overran by one month. The programme makers attempted to sell the house to the Legoland theme park in Windsor. However, the cost of dismantling and reassembling the house was estimated at 50,000 which was judged to be too expensive, and the deal did not go through. Having spent one night in the house, May said "I slept in it on Friday and had the best night's sleep for a long time. The bed was a bit hard but I slept like a brick. Knocking it down is just wrong on every level. It's a lovely thing it will break the hearts of the 1,000 people who worked like dogs to build it. During the construction, James May noticed that one of the plastic bricks on the outside wall of the house, which was supposed to be entirely red, contained one white lego piece on the outer rim. James May sarcastically said on air that he "hated" the volunteer who did this, as it upset the colour and balance of the house. The house could not remain at Denbies because the space was needed for vines and there was no planning permission. Despite attempts to save the house, dismantling the house began on Tuesday 22 September 2009. Before the demolition, on Sunday or Tuesday a Lego cat named Fusker, after May's own pet, went missing and is assumed to have been stolen by a member of the public a few of whom had been allowed to look round the house after filming. The 3.3 million plastic bricks used to build the house will be donated to charity.

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