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Watch James May Documentaries online: Episode 14 James May's Toy Stories: Scalextric

May re-created the banked track at Brooklands in Scalextric track. The track was assembled by 400 volunteers and used approximately 20,000 pieces which measured 2.75 miles (4.43 km) long. The building of a track faced a number of obstacles as James insisted on using the original Brooklands track, of which most has now been removed and built over. Obstacles including residential housing, commercial building, fences, a road, and the most challenging obstacle - a large pond. The track broke the world record for the longest successful Scalextric track, with the previous record measuring 1.59 miles (2.56 km). The race had two teams. Volunteers (often referred to, in the show, as "Tom's Team"; Tom Ferris being a participant from a nearby company) and residents of Brooklands against "Scalextric Professionals". The race would be a relay, with each 'driver' racing one part of track as a single power unit could not power the whole track and one racer would not be able to run the length of the track. The cars briefly stopped due to crashing off the track, the contacts acquiring dirt and flawed changeovers. Tiff Needell guested as the race reporter. The volunteers raced a maroon Aston Martin DBS V12 model and the professionals raced a silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The Aston Martin won the race by a few minutes.

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